Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I´d guess that most PUNK / HARDCORE records have a printrun between 500 and 3000 on their 1st pressing, depending on the label and on the band. SICK OF IT ALL´s WE STAND ALONE 7" however was released in a limited edition of 5000 by IN-EFFECT! very limited indeed! anyway, this is a 5 track 7" that has 2 tracks from their JUST LOOK AROUND record, 2 livetracks that no one needs and a great cover of MINOR THREAT´s BETRAY. after JUST LOOK AROUND I lost the interest in them and haven´t heard most of the stuff they released since so I can´t say anything about their later works but way back then they were among N.Y.´s finest even though this wasn´t just half as fast as their earlier stuff!


  1. soia still kicks some serious ass

  2. Eric is right even the latest album is awsome!
    BTW this 7" was my 1st SOIA records then I got their 1st 7" (red wax) on Rev which I sold some years ago.

  3. haven´t heard any album later than scratch the surface but today I regret selling their 1st 7"...