Tuesday, September 30, 2008


some anonymous idiot wrote in a comment that I should "Please stop tagging" my "files like a mongoloid." and "Also, do less preaching." as "No one cares what" I "have to say." as I don't care what anonymous idiots write I'll continue my preachings through spreading the FAITHEALER gospel! I can't remember exactly how they drew my attention but now that they got it, it does't matter anymore anyway! FAITHEALER build their songs with dark, doomy and sludgy parts thrown in their HARDCORE, backed up by dual male and female vocals. FAITHEALER offer you seven tracks on their debut full length which is called BOUND AND CHAINED. the 12" version comes in beautyful colored vinyl and was released by INKBOT in 2008. the record came without the lyrics which I personaly find annoying as I'd like to know what the band I listen to is about! after a little research I found out that FAITHEALER's members have played in HATRED SURGE, MAMMOTH GRINDER and TOTAL ABUSE which is a good explanation for the sheer brutality of their music.


  1. lol, anonymous is just in it for the music.

  2. Tagging like a mongoloid? HAHAHAHA

    Me, too, is just in it for the music.

  3. I´m just in it to make new friends...
    and to proof I´m a mongoloid!

  4. keep up the good work. I like what you have to say about the records.
    obviously he is an idiot. whats music without background and comments, needless to say though.

  5. Nice one pope and thanx for stopping by the other day. I can't wait to hear this one and the Iron Lung split on the previous post if someone gives you a decent rip. Thanx for all you time and energy.

  6. nice, representing atx hardcore!

  7. there's this band i listen to called wastetoid.

    they're sorta like a mongoloid.

  8. yeah! fuck em papst! thats what makes your page cool is that you write what you think... i dont care about the tagging, if i feel like it i just re-tag them... no big deal.

    also, Faiza the singer for Hatred Surge / Faithhealer is a frequent poster on Viva La Vinyl...

    and... i wanted to thank you for the The Swarm / Morser split and the Morser LP... sick stuff!!!! love it!!!

    one of these days i will do that Punk post we talked about.. and maybe mr anonymous will rear his head then.

  9. I think that the tagging thing was about the titles of my posts.

    I know that it would be easier for people to figure out what my posts are about if I would tag them like: band x - xyz 7"

    that´s why I don´t do it that way!

  10. What the hell is wrong with your tagging? hell - the anonymous one obviously hasn't looked at my blog any time recently :-)

  11. Well, I don't think you should be allowed to write whatever you want on your own blog.
    "Da koennte ja jeder kommen!" as we say in German.
    Also, proper papal tagging should be in Latin. Punk music can not exist without order - it would be total anarchy.

  12. erich, was that you who wrote that 1st comment?
    not that it would make any difference but as you're a retard I'll spell it out for you:

    I don't give a fuck about you!

    that means I couldn't care less about you and/or anything you say and/or write!
    which part of that can't you understand?

    remember, you wrote me an e-mail that you'd visit a friend here soon and while doing so you'd "punch me in the face, me ugly piece of shit"?
    that was how many months ago? seems I was so scarred by your threat that I've completly forgotten when you sent me that mail!

    serious, if you'd ever have the guts and really would come around and try to live up to your words (b.t.w. visiting a friend? are you kidding me? who are you trying to fool? hello, you don't have any friends!) that would probably be the only time I'd take notice of your existence!

    but no matter if I´d win or loose right after that I won't be able to care less for you again!

  13. is there no emergency hotline for people desperatly seeking attention in switzerland?

  14. I really do enjoy the attention I'm getting from Superpunks like you, kid. "Am I mean"? Hahaha, no, sory, you're just cute and cuddly.

  15. Jeeze, why don't you just cry about it. You sure do like e-drama.

  16. Whoa, inter-blog warfare is on the rise, Jesus told me so.

  17. @ stig:

    nope, just someone begging for attention!