Thursday, September 18, 2008


Dog Argentina who does the ANTI-COMMERCE blog sent me this rip and asked me to post it and explain what it´s about as he couldn´t understand cause every explanation given on the record is in German. well, this is a benefit record for people that have been imprissoned in Germany for supporting the PKK (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan / Kurdistan Workers´Party) which fights for a sovereign Kurdistan and is seen as a terrorist organisation in Europe and the U.S.A. and besides that is accused of being a major player in the heroin trade among other things. I don´t want to go into the PKK thing to deep here cause it´s a difficult topic where others have written books about and couldn´t cover the whole thing (do a google search). I´ll just tell what you need to know so that you can understand what this record is about. in the middle of the 1990ies German Bundesinnenminister Manfred Kanther declared that Kurds if deported back to Turkey wouldn´t be tortured and/or killed anymore and cause of this they would be deported again from there on. there have been a lot of demonstrations and riots on the streets of Germany (if my memory serves me right some Kurds even burend themselves in public) and many people went to jail for taking part in the riots (it hurts to say but Germany even locked up a guy who had lost both legs from the knees downwards and most of his fingers in solitary confinement). that brings us back to this record which was released to raise money for those people (many of them were refugees / asylum seekers which normaly translates to poor) that went to jail cause of the riots and didn´t have anybody to support them while in jail! though it is true that you´ll get a laywer for free if you can´t afford one yourself, you need money if inside as all you get for free is food & tea! for everything else you´ve to pay, including stamps so you can keep in contact with friends, family and most important your laywer e.g.! the bands on the record are SLEEPER (formerly known as SERPICO but as some major label had already invested a lot of money in one of their clone bands that was also called SERPICO the major label bought the name from them for 100.000$), PANIKOS, BUT ALIVE (their song is about Margarete Schreinemarkers who had a show on German TV and as the lyrics contain the word "Quotenhure", can´t be translated but Hure means Cunt and Quote means there´s a certain amount of something you´ve to achieve or include; in this case it means that she just got the show cause there´s a certain number of women that have to be on TV and so they took her, there was a lot of fuss cause an all-male band was picking on a woman! as that´s sexist behavior even if she deserves it!), TENSION, MY LAI and KINA. the only band I´m really into is SLEEPER as John Lisa, the singer is a one of the nicest people I´ve ever met!


  1. i didn't know this comp, thanks pope.
    but you don't like Panikos? thats sad..:(
    anyway, here is a video of "Circle of Doomed"
    it was a great night...

  2. I just got the split 12" with WWK and neither PANIKOS nor WWK managed to convince me... it´s not really that I don´t like them - they´re ok but ok is not enough!

  3. Whispy found a copy of this split for me but only god knows when i put my hands on it...

  4. if that means it might be never and you´re still interested in "your" copy of it I´d trade mine!

  5. its a weird story:Whispy was in USA for a while and found this copy, he left the States but he forgot (or whatever happened) the record, he will be there again but dont know when... (maybe he sold the copy for a
    handfull of dolars hahahahha)

  6. That's a happy coincidence - 2 Standardsituationen compilations within 2 weeks! (As you can tell, I haven't been visiting any blogs recently...) Thanks Your Holliness!
    I'm still looking for a copy of this

    Whispy is not on crack now (though he should), but the copy is still in the US - I got one from PE's last batch maybe 3 years ago, but shipped it to a friend to save on postage, expecting I'll be back shortly. Well, I still haven't, but we're at least scheduled to visit in spring, as I'm dying to see some old friends again :). You'll have it by summer (believe it or not...).