Thursday, August 20, 2009



seems to be the motto of the artist who is responsible for the BEYOND DESCRIPTION cover of the split. seriously the KONTROVERS cover isn't that great but the BEYOND DESCRIPTION cover looks like it was drawn by a learning disabled fruit-fly or something like that. to make things worse this is the same genius that is also responsible for the BEYOND DESCRIPTION cover on their split 7"with SPINEBENDER which means they got no fucking excuse at all for letting the "master" insult the eyes of the viewer once more by ruining another cover... but as the music is what counts in the first place this shall be enough about the cover I guess I made it clear that I really think it sucks. Nippon's BEYOND DESCRIPTION offer 3 tracks of fast JAPCORE like they were supposed to do. pretty solid tunes nothing outstanding but by no means bad. Sweden's KONTROVERS deliver 4 tracks of raw & fast Scandinavian HARDCORE that's solid in the best moments but far from being more than that. not bad but absolutely really nothing groundbreaking, outstanding or original. click the last pic!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


while giving HAYMAKER's brilliant 12" another spin I realized that I haven't posted NUNFUCKERS' DEAD AND ON THE FLOOR 7" yet. now you may ask what NUNFUCKERS have to do with HAYMAKER's 12"? well, there's a cover BURNING CHEMICALS on HAYMAKER's 12" that originally is one of the 11 tracks on NUNFUCKERS E.P.! actually I like the HAYMAKER version better but that doesn't mean that the 7" with snotty, raw pissed off Canadian PUNK is bad!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I haven't seen this one on any other blog yet maybe cause it was so limited? just 300 copies made that sold out in the blink of an eye. I was too late for the limited to 100 version of the limited version myself but I snatched some of the 200. anyway, this was the final SHANK release - a cover of CITIZENS ARREST's NUMBER while THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE rip through JUDGE's FED UP. great! click on the cover above!

Monday, August 10, 2009


an anonymous comment that said: "Hands down, best blog on the internet!" about my blog I've another exception to the rule of thumb that HARDCORE comps. have to suck for you (that is if you accept the term comp. for 2 split 7"es) which is called LEFT BACK/LET DOWN... actually it's a re-post cause I already had posted it before but the old link was a divshare link and the rip didn't sound really good, truth be told it sounded quite the contrary plus it didn't include any artwork besides the cover. so here you go again: 2 split 7"es shared by STAPLED SHUT, SPAZZ, DESPISE YOU & CROM. my favorite DESPISE YOU tunes are on this one b.t.w.! 23 tracks of the cream of the crop in all things POWER VIOLENCE alltogether. get this for DESPISE YOU's cover of D.R.I.'s COUCH SLOUCH alone! click the pic on the bottom!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I've ripped the KEEP THIS BAG AWAY FROM CHILDREN comp. again with 320 kbits and did some research on the titles etc. click the cover!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tony a.k.a. Slobodan Burgher told me about this new & brilliant French band called WARNING/WARNING that would have GASMASK TERRÖR members within their ranks which he thought of to be some kind of Dis-band he never bothered to check out. as I think GASMASK TERRÖR are quite good I promised to post their tape from 2006 0r 2007 so Tony can finally check them out too. well, here it is Hr. Burgher! click on the tape below.

Monday, August 3, 2009


you may have noticed that I didn't post really much in the last time and I already told you how fucking busy I am, etc... well, that's just one reason the other reason is that there are some things connected to blogging that start to get on my nerves and actually I thought about deleting the blog. take a look here and then take another look here and download both archives you may find them somehow very similar except the one on my blog does contain the artwork that my rips incl. in about 95% of all cases and the other one doesn't. ok, that was just a tape and to scan a tape cover isn't a big thing but it still takes time to do it and I don't spend my time to scan covers, etc. so some stupid asscandle can play the cool guy and pose a little bit! if you want to use my rips go ahead and use them cause they were made especially for that purpose and I also couldn't care less if you give me credits or not but if you use my rips than use the whole rip cause I don't rip stuff for the douchebags out there I rip them for those that appreciate the work and effort that was put in the rips. on a side note: I know that some people that have used my rips didn't download them from here but got them from soulseek... now, listen that's no fucking excuse cause it doesn't matter where you actually got the rip from what matters is to respect other people's work. I made a rip of a split 7" and cause I wasn't exactly sober I misspelled one of the 2 bandnames and when I realized I had already uploaded the archive and as I was lazy I just corrected the name just on the rar file... I know 3 different blogs that have posted this split and cause they put so much effort in their work and are loving HARDCORE/PUNK/THE BAND so much that they posted it with the spelling error I made. which makes me think they probably never listened to it but just d/l it from here deleted the artwork and try to cover that they just got the mp3s and most likely have never seen the record itself. FUCK, bring me the head of such a fucking lowlife on a stick and you'll most likely get some rare records for it! the cunt from the example above would be a good start!


somewhen in the 90ies I was in Schweinfurt/Germany on some kind of festival. I don't remember which bands were on the bill but one of them was YUPPICIDE (one of my all-time fave bands). I was flipping through some distro's records when all of a sudden someone grabbed my arm, started yelling Steve and tried to pull me away from the distro table. the name of the guy was Jesse and he was the singer of YUPPICIDE and the Steve he was calling was their guitarist and the reason for his behaviour was the YUPPICIDE tattoo on my forearm which made both of them go nuts. after they got a camera and took some pics of it I ended up talking with Jesse who told me that YUPPICIDE had already split up and just reformed for one last tour through Europe. he also told me that Steve was doing a new band called FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY and that he was also doing a new band and gave me the demo tape of this band which was called BLAZE CAMO. 4 tracks of HARDCORE/POST-HARDCORE that aren't really bad but are far from being good either. decide for yourself! b.t.w. could anyone rip the FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY 2 x 7"?


thanks to the guy who provided me with the link to this demo in a comment! if I'm not mistaken his name was Aaron - anyway, thanks a lot! this beast is the demo of ALTERED BEAST hailing from Chicago, Illinois and play great HARDCORE, FASTCORE, whatever you wanna call it... you know the kind of band that has listened to NO COMMENT or INFEST more than once! the only negative thing to say would be that there are no lyrics nor any other additional info.