Sunday, June 1, 2008


KEEP THIS BAG AWAY FROM BABIES is another one of those (JAPCORE) comp. 7"es that leave me trying to figure out what I should think of them. this comp. features ZOUO, HEADLESS, L.S.D. and GASMASK each band with one (already released elsewhere) song but with no lyrics, artwork (besides the cover), etc. the only thing that sets this comp. apart from others is that a part of the cover is hidden under an obi strip and if you pull that down you´ll see some pics of bare breasted women! huh, funny? maybe, well not really! click the last pic!
edit: I did some research on the Japanese titles and here is what my friend from Nippon wrote:
Gasmask song title = Kill
LSD sond title = Abhorrence War
LSD vocalist Akii was mistaked to read this title.
He singing Zou aku sensou,but this is mistake.
Maybe you can understand when listen that song.
Correct is a Zouo Sensou.He is very funny!
Also,Zouo means = Abhorrence!


  1. i don't know, looks and sounds like bootleg obviously, but i like th cut out zouo photo!

  2. I have been searching for this comp for a while, was starting to think it didn't exist. Thanks.

  3. @ slobo:
    it´s a bootleg! no doubt about it! I like the idea of the cover but it would rock more if different songs would have been chosen.

    @ aesop:
    I can´t remember where, when or from whom I bought or traded this 7" and I don´t think I´ve seen this in any trade lists. pretty obscure!

  4. i'd like to check it out if you have time to re up it
    ray ss