Sunday, March 9, 2008


RÖCKIN NÖIZ has their 7" SCROUNGING CIDER HIDDEN FLAGON has the 12" and here you got the 10" (their split 7" with VOORHEES is up somewhere here too). STALINGRAD is METAL with CRUST influences and one of the most brutal bands I´ve ever heared and seen!


  1. feine sache , das...!!!!!!

  2. Thanx! I've never actually knew about this one. Will post Stalingrad/Underclass split 7" next so there will be more Stalingrad junkies around. Hahahahahahaha (diabolic).
    BTW, have you dld something from my blog cause I'm having some shit with aDrive last couple of days. Is it slow for you too? Plus it doesn't keep track of downloads. Hmmm...