Monday, March 17, 2008


then you should do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of Sweden´s latest musical onslaught. RETALIATION´s long awaited new full length called THE COST OF REDEMPTION is finally out! 28 new grinding smashers that are fast, fierce, angry and full of hate GRINDCORE played by people who know how to handle their instruments!

and as we are talking of RETALIATION, their THE EXECUTION mcd was finally released on vinyl. this was one of my top ten GRINDCORE cds now it´has become one of my top ten GRINDCORE 12"es! the mcd version had 22 tracks of the same musical brutality as described above - the vinyl version has 29 tracks! that means the fine guys from FAST & FURIOUS RECORDS put on 7 unreleased bonus songs! sad but true that RETALIATION never include any lyrics...


  1. Hey Pabst, what about their new discog: Retaliation - Exhuming The Past-14 Years Of Nothing?
    Ok only CD release...but...:)

  2. I don´t have that one so I can´t say much about it!

  3. Check it out here:

    Grind on....:)

  4. ok, that means I got most of the stuff! and what I think of the two 12"es, the split with THE KILL and their tracks of the GRINDWORK comp. is posted on my blog...

  5. Hey Papst,

    The only Revenge´s releases are the two 7"s availabled here in your blog ?

    Somebody of band (I don´t remember who) sent me the Bastards Can´t Dance 7" some 10 years ago (I think), but I lent it to a "friend" and never saw it again.

    Thanx for infos!!!

  6. nope their 10" is up here somewhere to! I´m quite sure their drumer Franz sent you the 7" as he was the one who released their records among others on his label!

  7. Now now how about some easy listening to help us calm down after the daily grind?

  8. easy listening? slobo sniff more glue! maybe it helps?