Sunday, March 9, 2008


ok, this one´s for Mark Underground who does the really great DOWN UNDERGROUND blog! he requested Armenian PUNK - he gets Armenian PUNK! this 7" was released by TIAN AN MEN 89 records which was done by Luk Haas who was working for the red cross an therefore had the chance to travel the whole world and look for PUNK / HARDCORE / METAL bands which would get the chance to do a 7" on his label or, if he found more then one decent band appear on a comp. musicwise NATO is like old U.K. PUNK with keyboards! not my cup of coffee and I didn´t play this for more then 10 years and just kept it for obscurity reasons!


  1. Wow...
    I'm speechless.
    Thanks so much!!
    Thats gotta be about as obscure as it gets.
    Now to get my father to decipher it!
    He's gonna shit lol
    In all my years I've never heard of such a thing.
    Thanks again...

    Hey you ever find that Cuban "7?
    That would be interesting I'm sure.
    I live approximately 100 miles from there.Cuba is always an issue here.

  2. Just put up another Garlic Boys if your interested :)

  3. Stalin Art:

  4. Thanx for this one man, I have a little Armo blood in me. Who would have thought

  5. I am sorry to interrupt such a hilarious discourse about Armenian underground, but what are you really about now? I can admit that cover art bears some curious implications of late Soviet regime underground culture, but are you aware what the N.A.T.O. guys are singing? Do you want to have the lyrics translated into English, with additional commnets? I think you just want to see something in this record which it obviously HAS NOT. This is a total miss, kid. I am very sorry.

  6. well, no I don´t know what they are singing! but how do you know what I see or don´t see in this record? english translation of the lyrics would be fine but why does anyone need additional comments? am I to stupid to for the lyrics without the comments? and don´t you dare call me kid again!

  7. I didn't really mean to hurt you, Your Majesty, I just want to draw your attention to some cross-cultural inconsistencies when you consider a mere porn track as underground. Which really IS NOT a case with that brilliant Cuban EP, posted later. My best regards to you and sincere estimation of your lavishing efforts to throw such a lot of good music on all of us.

  8. for the record: I consider nothing anything in this case! all those stuff was released by Luk Haas on his Tiananmen rec. label and everything he released there was stuff he discovered while working for the red cross. all profits made were donated to projects in the countries the bands were from. there are comp. 7"es, split 7" and 7"es from a lot of countries and I kept them for obscurity reasons. I listened to this 7" twice, once when I got I and once when I ripped it as I don´t like the music. I don´t understand the lyrics so I can´t judge! if you understand what they sing why don´t you just tell us instead of giving just a hint about a "porntrack" (I admit I guess you´re talking about "Penis" and that I´ve wondered about that name) but as I said I don´t understand what they sing and so I give them the benefit of the doubt! IN DUBIO PRO REO!

  9. nice share
    ive never heard of em
    the only current armenian underground punk band i knew was

  10. Hey man this is fucking awesome I'm Armenian myself and have always looked for a punk band straight from Armenia. There is a lot of metal but the punk rock is way more interesting! On my trip there a few years back I even saw graffiti that read "Punk's Not Dead" I was so fucking proud. CHEERS!