Saturday, March 15, 2008


this are the 7 tracks of the never released WUTENTBRANNT 7"! I know I had pasted this one already but the link is dead and my old pal Mikes had requested this one too! on this recordings WUTENTBRANNT had only one singer (Franz who was the drumer for REVENGE and now plays in DOOMTOWN and runs SABOTAGE rec.) as Emil, the 2nd singer decided to become a fulltime sect member. sad but true he was a great guy and good friend (and the only guy I´ve been on tour with who got me so mad that I threw chairs after him while trying to get my hands on him! in fact he succeeded in making me so mad 2 times) but cause of his membership I haven´t seen him in years! WUTENTBRANNT´s bassplayer played in REVOLTE and later went on to play in QUATTRO STAGIONI, DISSOAP and CRUSHED BY ALE (the drumer played there too) and the guitarplayer played in D.S.G.! with that in mind you might have a clue what WUTENTBRANNT is up to musicwise! if not go to the older posts and search!