Saturday, March 15, 2008


as many people asked for it: here you get the 1st GROWING MOVEMENT demo that was called PRIME CULTURE. to my shame I´ve to confess that I was wrong! I was convinced that the 6 tracks from the demo appeared on their later vinyl releases just in slightly different versions e.g. they corrected some of their lyrics for the re-recording of the demo stuff and so on but that´s not the whole truth as there are just 5 songs on the demo (the 1st one is an instumental / intro) and the demo versions are more then slightly different! as I lost the cover over the years no cover sorry! however I still have the lyric sheet but the quality is really bad!


  1. Du bist mein Idol !!!!!!!
    Vielen Dank für diese Rarität !!!

  2. meiner auch!!!!!!!!!!!thx

    mit was rips du dein zeug?
    weil die qualität und die lautstärke ist nicht so der hammer .
    aber egal das demo suche ich seit jahren.
    ich finde das demo ist das beste was G.M. gemacht haben.

  3. liegt an der qualität vom demo! ich nehm meinen kram auf cd auf und rip das dann mit freerip!

  4. can you please repost this :) ?

  5. thanks alot for the repost,papst ;)

  6. very rare, and fucking good too !