Sunday, March 2, 2008


I love the old INTEGRITY stuff! period! their later stuff isn´t as good as their first 2 longplayers and this 10" called HUMANITY IS THE DEVIL. on this record Dwid started to deviate from the typical lyrical HARDCORE topics (this guy wrote unique, sometimes poetic, lyrics before but he wrote those on more everyday stuff like revenge, etc...) and started to bring in his beliefs about demons, etc... came with a booklet that had some writings about said topic. don´t get me wrong this is far from being christian (which is great as christian HARDCORE is for losers and retards) if you are into the occult and /or theology I guess you could relate to lyrics and (even more) to the booklet pretty good! 7 tracks and an intro of top notch CLEVOCORE! coverartwork by Pushead!

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