Saturday, March 1, 2008


no not the U.S. band that is/was on AMPHETAMINE REPTILE records the German KINGS OF PUNK! I had posted the complete HAMMERHEAD discography long ago but as the links are dead and HAMMERHEAD is one of my all time fave bands I decided to post their discography again! this time including the cover and in better quality! I strongly advise you to download this as I dare say HAMMERHEAD were (the broke up some years ago) one of the 5 best German (if not the worlds) bands that have ever existed! these guys tought the scene a lesson! they didn´t give a fuck about what others say, they didn´t give a fuck about the scene and it´s gurus, they didn´t care if they insult anybody, they played no games - they were for real! I know that there are tons of rumors and gossip about them but you shouldn´t believe 10% of that! I don´t know how many people claimed that HAMMERHEAD fucked up their flats while sleeping there after a show... well, how comes that they didn´t fuck up my flat? and they slept there not only once! when they stayed at my flat they were nice guests and I never had anything to complain! I asked them about some of the storys I´ve been told and their versions sounded a lot more logical to me! HAMMERHEAD were the 1st HARDCORE band I new that had / have to sell their 12" with a censored cover cause some distributors refused to sell it with the original artwork! hmm, wasn´t there something about free speech and anti-censorship? anyway HAMMERHEAD are 110% PUNK and 120% NIHILISM so get this while you can! you need it!


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