Sunday, November 1, 2009


the AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / CATTLE PRESS split 12" is one of my fave records when it comes down to DRUMCOMPUTERGRIND and was released on BOVINE one of my fave record labels. the 18 ANb tracks on theirs side of the split were written a short time after their 1st 7" when they were at their peak. CATTLE PRESS don't use a drum-computer but their drums sound like they would here and there but as they aren't far from ANb music-wise that's not really a problem. click on either cover to d/l!


  1. Mat,
    If you get into "digi-grind" as I call it, check out Harpoon from Chicago. S/T plays with them all the time.

  2. thanks! will check out HARPOON as I already got into digi-grind (as long as it isn't DATACLAST which I find horrible!)...