Monday, November 23, 2009


in a conversation with an old friend a little while ago we somehow ended up talking about HORRORPUNK and I mentioned BALZAC's ATOM AGE VAMPIRE IN 308 7" and as my friend said that she would be interested in checking it out I ripped it for her. and as I had ripped it anyway I thought I should also post it here too. I'm quite sure that I bought it before I moved to the city I now live which means that would have been at least 11 years ago but I'm also quite sure that I didn't play this 7" even 11 times in all those years even though it's not even that their tracks would be really bad - it's more like when I want to smoke I'll go and buy cigarettes and not a green where I'd have to start by planting tobacco and in this case here it's if I want to hear MISFITS I'd listen to one of my MISFITS records instead of playing a BALZAC record. anyway, as I already wrote earlier: I ripped & upped this mainly for my friend so she can give BALZAC a try. in case you're into MISFITS you perhaps should check them out too! click the pic on the bottom


  1. Hie, Iam Charles singer and composer for the french band "CARLEA"

    I see on your blog that your keen on the No Future Movement ( Punk and New wave)

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  2. where do you see that?

    how could I or anybody else base the feeling for a single on a video?