Saturday, November 14, 2009


this is the LOSING YOUR WAY Pt. 4 7" comp. which I bought cause it features NO VALUE and RUIDO which are no let down just as expected. as I've never seen any of the other parts I can't tell you which bands are feat. on those. in case of Pt.4 there are 10 bands all together. besides that 2 already mentioned there are SEWN SHUT, DEMISOR, D.F.C., EL NUDO, COQUETTISH, OUTNOUTS, THE KILLERS and CIRLCLE X which vary in quality from good to mediocre. really brilliant is that neither RUIDO nor OUTNOUTS actually tell you how their songs are called! great! as the rule of thumb is that HARDCORE 7" comps. have to suck this is among the exceptions to the rule as there it features no band that's completely un-listenable and moves you no further than to your turntable so you can skip their shitty track... click the pic below to d/l!


  1. finally got around to adding a list of excellent blogs to my blog. of course yours was the first one to be added. come check mine out sometime if you get the chance. it's a mix of my poetry and records. thanks for the righteous tunes, man!

  2. El nudo were nuts, I searched for material since I was 15.