Friday, November 6, 2009


VEDAVU once again: as Mr. Apocalypse predicted I love the TAFKATA record! a double lathe cut 10" that comes in 2 separate full-color covers held together by an obi-strip and incl. a CD-R with the tracks from the two 10"es. as I already told you in my SUMERIAN AXE post. the TAFKATA record is sold out by now and won't be repressed... so if you don't have a copy by now you most likely will never get one. however you could get a copy of the DEVIL 7" that will be released sooner or later. the packaging of that one will be totally rad! how would I know that? as Jeremy "Booze-Blizzard" was kind enough to send me jpg files of it I already have it on my HD but I promised that I won't show it to you but believe me everything VEDAVU did has an unreal packaging and the DEVIL 7" won't be an exception. oh, the 2 posters behind the TAFKATA records normally aren't included!

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