Sunday, November 1, 2009


I get e-mails from people that ask if I'd do some promotion for them quite frequently but truth be told in most cases I don't even reply cause I got better things to do. in most cases I can't figure out why they would like me to promote their fancy clothing or similar bullshit anyway. I've also refused to post any "web-only-releases" or mp3 rips of releases that labels / bands have sent me till now with the exception of demos (and will continue to do so in the future) as I don't know how I should write a review about anything I've neither seen nor heard and having heard an mp3 rip of an album doesn't count in my opinion as it sounds different to the actual vinyl; CD, tape,etc. plus the scan of a cover doesn't tell me much about the actual quality. to my surprise some of them asked for my postal address to send me a physical copy to review the here and therefore you'll find reviews of stuff I got sent to review it here in the future. on a side-note: I deleted some blogs that I had linked as they haven't been updated for months and I'll delete some more. here we go:

obviously the 1st review is no record, CD, etc. but a book (the e-book version of it to be more precise) which is called A HEAVY METAL SALUTE TO HEAVY METAL BAND NAME ORIGINS written and (self-)published by a guy called Blair Gibson who says about himself that he's "a 32 year old author in the making." he has compiled this book by contacting 542 heavy metal bands through Myspace and/or their own personal websites and asked them what their band name meant and why they chose it. each response in the book is what the band member sent him. the book covers all styles of Metal/Hard Rock from Stoner Rock to Black Metal to Prog to Glam to Thrash and every other genre of Metal in between also including asscandles like e.g. UGLY KID JOE. when I told Ivan from FUCK YOGA REC. about the book he asked me if I'd think that anybody would really need a book about band names and if I'd find the topic interesting enough to write a book about it? I said something like I wouldn't be sure in response and that hasn't changed yet. I guess the biggest problems is that it's a) a book about Heavy Metal and b) the above mentioned diversity. I haven't even heard the names of at least half the bands in the book and I don't give a fuck about most of the other bands and that includes why they choose whatever name they have. the bands that I like and that are covered in the book once in a while surprise with their explanation like MOSS e.g. which said: "We chose our name in tribute to the ancient forest that surrounds our home, and the certain images that moss evokes; it grows on tombstones and graves, old trees and in damp and dark places. Fitting for our music I think". but that doesn't happen to often. the book is available as e-book which is 5,00 U$D and as paperback which is 14,95 U$D. truth be told I wouldn't spend neither 5,00 U$D on the e-book nor 14,05 U$D for the paperback as I don't really care that much about Heavy Metal in general and my interest in Stoner Rock, Prog, AOR, etc. is below zero.

if you're interested go there:
or write Blair an e-mail:


  1. hello, sir. i've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and i feel like an asshole for not saying hello and telling you how amazing your blog is. well, i will do so now. thanks for the amazing records and writing you do with them. keep it going, man.

  2. also, i wanted to say thank you for the masskontroll 12". never heard them before and now i can't stop listening to them. excellent stuff.

  3. Hey Pope, FYI, has just re-uploaded top notch quality rips of the Septic Death Need So Much Attention EP and the Mob 47 Nuclear Attack EP. Dude is a badass!

  4. Hey ,love your blog. Check out mine! Add me, i'll add you?

  5. @ Anthony:

    thanks for your kind words!

    @ Metallibanger:

    I've both records myself :-)
    does that mean: I = badass?

    @ NO BEAST...:

    @ 123 & samallawei:
    speak english or die! but as I think your comments are spam how about: FUCK OFF!?

  6. Well, the EPs he posted are actually ripped from CD sources, so if you own the real vinyl thing, you indeed are the true badass! :D. How about posting them? :)

  7. then there might be a difference... never saw the CDs as I don't really care for CDs will check that out.

  8. don't think they are ripped from CDs... b.t.w. the MOB 47 7" is called KÄRNVAPEN ATTACK not NUCLEAR ATTACK at least my copy is and has a different cover...