Wednesday, November 25, 2009


a short time ago I stumbled over .NEMA's 6 track demo somewhere in the depths of the cyberworld and I'm still not sure what to think of it. don't get me wrong it's not bad! if you're familiar with .NEMA you most likely know these tracks as all 6 tracks appear on their later releases in re-recorded versions that kick way more ass than the demo versions. now you might ask what my problem is as that's the norm and not the exception. bands re-record stuff to make it sound more powerful or more aggressive or whatever isn't really classified information not to mention that I favor the demo recordings over the re-recorded stuff on quite a lot of occasions as they sound rawer in most cases. well, sad but true only in most cases and not in all cases. like in this particular case here; when .NEMA's BRING OUR CURSES HOME 12" sounds like a hurricane their demo sounds like a warm summer breeze (ok, I admit that comparison isn't 100% accurate but you get the picture?). even though the recordings of those 6 demo tracks aren't worlds apart from the recordings that appeared on the vinyl. as such a big difference actually is a very rare thing to happen as the songs remain more or less the same after all, I can't fight the feeling that it's not the demo itself but whoever ripped it fucked up, used shitty equipment and /or found a low quality rip burned it on a CD and ripped it again (which I do too once in a while b.t.w. but I burn the mp3s as audio CD which I then rip to wav files and I apply all changes to the wav files which I then burn as an audio CD once again of which I finally rip the mp3s). anyway maybe I was just disappointed cause I hoped that it would be rawer and more vicious than the devil.

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