Saturday, November 14, 2009


truth be told: I rarely play the b-side of this comp. 7" as NAUSEA have better songs than the track here and I never really got into the music of BORN AGAINST. the a-side is way better even though LIFE'S BLOOD also have better tracks than HUMAN POWER that track is still pretty cool and the ABSOLUTION track is pretty solid as well. I ripped this from the 1st press that differs from the 2nd press through having a thicker cover if I'm not mistaken. don't quote me on that as I haven't seen a copy of the 2nd press yet and therefore I can't tell you if the track listing on the back covers of those is also wrong neither. in case of the 1st press it is and I ripped the tracks like they are on the actual record and not like they are listed (at least I think I did - it's quite a while since I ripped it). click on the cover above to d/l.


  1. Dead And Gone ist definitiv der beste Absolution Track ! Insgesamt eine Killerscheibe.
    Hatte die Scheibe leider auch nur als Tapekopie und MP3.
    Irgendwann klappt es hoffentlich noch mit der Vinylversion !

  2. naja, killerscheibe ist was anderes... aber wenn dir das teil 20 - 30 € wert it kann ich dir evtl. ein exemplar besorgen.

  3. This is one of my all time favorite 7" comps. All 4 bands are great on this record!

  4. Naja, meinem Sammeltrieb sind leider finanzielle Grenzen gesetzt. Das würde den Rahmen etwas sprengen. Danke für`s Angebot.