Saturday, November 28, 2009


Dutch THRASH vs. French GRINDCORE / POWER VIOLENCE... well, I'm pretty sure that I already mentioned that I could never really get into SEEIN' RED so it shouldn't be a big surprise that I also prefer ÖPSTAND over SEEIN' RED in case of this split 7" here but even if I'd really be into SEEIN' RED on this split they'd be no match for the Frenchies! honestly speaking I don't think they would be a match for ÖPSTAND anywhere else neither. ÖPSTAND rip and thrash through their 5 tracks as if there would be no tomorrow and leaf you jaw-dropped (France wasn't really known for being fertile ground for all things POWER VIOLENCE way back then and I also don't think that has changed that much till now)! SEEIN' RED offer one track more and also include a booklet with explanations, etc. but as usual don't get me so excited. it's not that they are bad - they are not - their tracks are solid THRASH as expected but nothing more! click the last pic!

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