Wednesday, July 9, 2008


another all time fave 7" of me would be the 2nd HAYMAKER 7" that´s the unbelieveable great title LOVE THE MUSIC HATE THE KIDS and 12 little ragers in the typical HAYMAKER fashion and once again brilliant titles as TEAM JESUS....IS LOOSING! HAYMAKER is probably the only band around that hates more things than you hate, hates everything you hate twica as much as you and hates you too! that´s more than enough to be re-posted with tags and ripped with 320 k/Bits and comes witha scan of the complete artwork! does anybody know if they´re still around?


  1. Yep, still around!
    The are playing about 1 show in 1 year in their hometown.
    Don´t waste your time getting in touch with em. They won´t even answer you.
    The properbly hate you! ;-)

  2. as long as they continue to be such a brilliant band I´d loved to be hated!

  3. Hello Pope and Am I Mean? visitors!

    I´ll like say that the Ashen #01 is OUT NOW. Please, check out my blog for full free electronic versions and, maybe, printed versions, if you like it!!

    Pope, bless my zine or hate it!

    Thanx 'n' cheers!!

  4. Papst Benedikt XVI said...
    as long as they continue to be such a brilliant band I´d loved to be hated!

    Me too !!!! But forget about further releases. Go ask Craig from Schizophrenic Records about his plans of the Haymaker DVD ;-)
    There is no other band on this planet who is as lazy as Haymaker. Plus they give a fuck... :-D

  5. haymaker:

    built... to... destroy!

  6. ya there around i think there from toronto canada about an hour from where i live in brantford,,goin to see the endless blockades on the 25th goin be a grindin time

  7. love this shit! Chokehold was awesome! who from Chokehold is in this band?

    check out the Absinthe post on Zen... more anti-christian, crusty sounding hardcore.

  8. I think the guitarplayer was in CHOKEHOLD. but I´m not sure.

    I now ABSINTHE - their 10" is good!

  9. jeff, the singer, was the guitarist in chokehold and left for dead