Thursday, July 17, 2008


the CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SEE DEATH comp. 7" is one of the best compilations that have ever been released! it was released on RE-EDUCATION rec. like the also brilliant NO DESIRE TO CONTINUE LIVING comp. 10" which makes me think that whoever did that label really had a hand for compilations and that´s something I wouldn´t say about that many labels! LUZIFERS MOB from Germany are open up side a with 4 tracks that are considered their best stuff by quite some people. LUZIFERS MOB were ahead of their time playing what is now called POWER VIOLENCE with brilliant German lyrics before 99,99% even had heard the term POWER VIOLENCE. Belgian´s WOUNDED KNEE are next with 2 tracks of blistering THRASH. the flipside is reserved for CAPITALI$T CASUALTIES that rage through another 4 tracks of great, fast THRASH/POWER VIOLENCE! I´d dare say that a record that has a picture of Elvis Presley wearing a karate-gi on the backcover can´t be bad!


  1. Nice one pope. LM were fastcore - powerviolence pioneers hehe.
    Unfortunatly their output wasn`t very much. 1 EP + 1 Split LP and Compilation Tracks.
    Count Yorga

  2. Great Blog i like it you have a great stuff. I would like to Know do you have the new album of ''Warcry '' - Not So Distant Future - it's out in july
    Have a good day take care

  3. no, I´m sorry I don´t have that WARCRY record.