Thursday, July 17, 2008


when Count Yorga said BURN in one of the comments here I remembered that I somehow ended up getting this CD as a present. this is the REBUILDING compilation as the name says but besides that it also has the BURN song which appeared on the FOREVER 7" compilation and the TURNING POINT / NO ESCAPE split 7" as bonus. as I´ve this on CD I decided to rip it quick.


  1. nazi punk are posurer's ive known a few they were moron's i still beleave they are not real punk and punk was never about racism anyone who calls them self a nazi punk can fuck off

  2. I never met any, but I know that there are some like MIDGARDS SÖNER, GRINDED NIG, etc. but as you knew some of them: did tell them to fuck off make them cease to exist? I´d dare to doubt that! and just as those fuckers "stole" the label HATECORE they´ll take PUNK if they want to!

  3. and b.t.w. what is "real PUNK"? how is it defined and and by whom and who has given whom the authority to define it?

  4. I`ve got this CD too. Nice piece.
    Originally it was a 7" and later re-released as an CD with Bonus Tracks. The Burn Track was a demo recording as far as i know. The first Burn EP on Revelation was one of the best NY records ever.Brutal sound and great lyrics. Don Fury made it possible lol. A fucking milestone.
    Count Yorga

  5. "if you don´t want to get burned don´t go in the kitchen" BURN´s guitarist when asked about dancing to hard when interviewed in ZAP!

  6. nice comp!

    "Punk" is a funny term. If you interpret punk to mean "to go your own way" then essentially it is punk to leave the definition to anyone who comes across it. This is also the problem with punk.

    Punk can be just music, it can be a fashion style or it can be a philosophy. It can be the intersection of all three. I think it is a tricky and personal thing. I think in most cases it is some combo of the three in different doses. I mean, in some respect, Hippies going against the grain in the 60's was pretty punk in a ideological way. But that was before the music. existed. Chuck Berry was a punk.

    Though to me punk is a way of thinking more than anything. Do what you want to do and make no compromises. "Go your own way" so to speak (maybe Fleetwood Mac were early punks. ^_~). Of course I think that statement on its own is a little dangerous. I think punk is also a mindset of community. The idea that we can help each other out. It doesnt have to be cut throat everywhere you go.

    i dont know. Just musing. Would love to hear what people think of Punk themselves... I would love to hear what someone like Iggy Pop or Lou Reed thinks of punk and then hear what some 14 yr old girl at Hot Topic thinks punk is... and then everyone in between.

    I'd love to hear what people in our blog community think of punk.... maybe an idea... Post up a direct a question and post the responses... I bet we could get some pretty great responses. Should I do this?

  7. @ blend77:

    go ahead & do it! could be interesting!