Wednesday, July 9, 2008


if someone would ask me for my personal "all-time" HARDCORE top ten 12" list it would be a different list every 2 weeks as my top ten depend on my mood quite a bit! but VOORHEES' 1st 12" would be among the few exceptions that would be on the list every time! 26 tracks that boil with rage, of which some appeared already on their 7" and their 7" flexi, with brilliant lyrics like: HEROIN IS FUN/WHAT´S ALL THE FUSS/THE MORE JUNKIES DIE/THE BETTER FOR US someone who did an interview with them called them the "KINGS OF CYNISM" and he could be right! b.t.w. the interview was ended by VOORHEES with: "what a stupid question! fuck off!" I know that many people hate this band cause their lyrics glorify violence and their Fuck-You attitude...well, I love them! maybe cause I got a similar Fuck-You attitude? maybe just because I think they were one of the most honest bands that ever existed?


  1. this and "what you see is what you get" 7" is their best stuff. excellent drummer, great riffage, angry vocals plus really cool lyrics like "defend myself", "who asked you", "pretence" or "pc punks"... it's up there in my personal hall of fame! thanks for posting this lp! haven't heard it for quite some time, cos i have no possibility to convert vinyl to mp3s... do you happen to have steadfast 7"? could you post it sometime?

  2. this had to be my favorite from Voorhees. Thanks for posting this, I hadn't listened to it for years.

  3. no, I´m sorry I don´t have the STEADFAST 7".

  4. Ah... Here it is. One of the best posts ever! (And that's saying a lot!) Thanks a million...

  5. Great fucking record. great fucking post. I love how they have this cynical outlook on everything. Thanks for posting this!


    Not really. Great record

    Papst, I strongly recommend you download the LOS VATICANOS LP I just uploaded on my page, if you haven't heard them before. I think it might be right up your street. Leave a comment with your verdict on it. So underrated/unknown.

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  8. Hello.
    I thought this would be of interest ...

    Sean (guitar), Paul (bass) and Michael (drums) from the 'Spilling Blood...' era line-up of VOORHEES did a totally nihilistic vicious punk/hardcore band called HATERS from 2000-2003. They recorded a 15 track album which for various reasons was never released, but will now be co-released by AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE and HEIDENWUT PRODUCTIONS very soon (it's at the pressing plant now!). It's limited to just 300 copies only on vinyl with amazing artwork by Richard Rupenus of the legendary noise band THE NEW BLOCKADERS. Rest assured, it's a sick record and one which any fan of VOORHEES will be totally into! Again, 300 copies only! Ever! Don't miss out!

    AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE (check out a track on this page!)


    Artwork - Front :
    http://i41. photobucket. com/albums/e288/blackoperations/hatersfront. jpg
    Artwork - Back :
    http://i41. photobucket. com/albums/e288/blackoperations/hatersback. jpg
    Artwork - Insert :
    http://i41. photobucket. com/albums/e288/blackoperations/hatersinsert. jpg

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