Tuesday, July 15, 2008


CHARLES BRONSON, WOUND, SECTION, ENEMY SOIL, PHONO PHOBIA, POTATO JUSTICE, SHORT HATE TEMPER, SOILED and Andrew´s, the guy behind KNOT, own band VILENTLY ILL have been the 1st SPEED FREAKS compilation. there were 2 different versions: one was a 7" featuring CHARLES BRONSON, ENEMY SOIL, VILENTLY ILL, PHONO PHOBIA, SOILED and SECTION and a print run of 500 and one that came with a one-sided bonus 7" featuring POTATO JUSTICE, SHORT HATE TEMPER and WOUND with a printrun of 250. here you get the one with the bonus 7"! I should add that I was to lazy to cut the 12 untitled SOILED "songs" into single files!


  1. Das ging aber schnell ! Vielen Dank Pope. CB als absolutes Highlight :-)
    Wenn das mal kein Klassiker ist !

    Count Yorga

  2. Hi great blog and thanx for the voorhees lp!
    do you think you could upload the sds PAST & FUTURE TWIN 2x cd again.
    i really NEED it.

  3. @ count yorga:
    also für meinen teil sind SECTION das absolute highlight!

    @ john y?:
    I can re-up the PAST & FUTURE TWIN 2x CD but it will take some time!