Saturday, July 12, 2008


time for another bootleg 7"! this time NEGATIVE APPROACH´s YOU DIE NOW 7" which was released by MAX HATE records and might easily be one of the ugliest records ever made! this bootleg has just the ugly cover you can see above a backcover with the tracklist and that´s it! the 7" comes in really ugly blue vinyl and does not even have labels! on side a you get WHATEVER I DO & LEAD SONG as instrumentals + D.A.B.F. & CHAOS all in not really brilliant quality! the backcover says that this is NEGATIVE APPROACH´s demo from 1982 but doesn´t tell you if this is the whole demo (I doubt that) or just 4 tracks from that demo on side b you get 7 tracks and it says demo 81 but again no further information and again the soundquality is rather poor! on the other hand it´s just that we´re talking about NEGATIVE APPROACH and that means you need this anyway!


  1. this blog is amazing. great stuff!! thanks for the Haymaker 7"s!

    I am going to link you up over my way.


  2. I´ll link your blog too (which has a brilliant name b.t.w.)!