Thursday, July 17, 2008

U.S. of A. vs. BRAZIL (the 2nd)

re-upped here!


  1. I am promoting a new undertaking, Let’s Help Brazil!

    Our mission is the relief of poverty and advancement of education for Brazil's homeless children.

    Chris Haney

    Let’s Help Brazil!

  2. Brazil is the country of the all possible and impossible absurds!!

    Are you a stupid, a retard or a opportunist?? Fucking joke!!!!!!!!!

    Let´s Fuck Brazil!

  3. maybe I should promote a new undertaking too! how about "Let´s Help The Pope!"?

  4. Yeah, surely I would help the Pope hahahah

  5. in that case: would you please send Brazilian carnival dancers & coke my way now! that would help! thanks in advance!

  6. Hope the pope will share the carnival dancers with Count Yorga lol.
    I prefer beer not coke :-)
    To be serious there is alot of poverty in brazil.
    Abuso Sonoro is a great Live band.
    A petite singer but a tough voice for a woman. Why are girls from brazil so beautiful ?
    Count Yorga

  7. yup, Elaine shares the the pool position of the most brutal female HC-vocals together with Karin from U.K.´s EBOLA!

    yeah, there´s a lot of poverty in Brazil and elsewhere in the world but just the poor title of the campaign smells of I-WANT-MONEY-AND-WILL-SELL-YOU-A-BETTER-CONSCIENCE-FOR-IT!