Monday, July 7, 2008


may notice that I´ve stolen this from THERE and this is was Aesop said: Negative Approach tearing it up on WFMU in May of 2008. John Brannon sounding more vicious than ever, and the Negative Approach hate gun firing off round after round of your favorites from their catalog and a couple of covers. re-posted here without any shame as at COSMIC HEARSE you get the whole radioshow in one file, here the file is split into single tracks which are all tagged and I made everything a little louder! not to forget I tried some noise reduction.


  1. I saw them in Manchester the other week, they were good. It wasn't as mindblowing as some have said, but damn good as far as reunions go. EVACUUAATEEE

  2. Awesome, I plan on checking out your amendments. As usual, what's mine is yours, thanks for the mention.

  3. @ rob
    I missed them, as I was told they shouldn´t be that good and they just played the other side of Germany anyway!

    @ aesop
    to be honest I was disappointed cause of the soundquality!
    and I´m no hifi fanatic! but...HELL-O! it´s 2008 and one should be able to expect a better quality in a radioshow nowadays! or are my pc-speakers fucking up?

  4. I dunno, I just got it from the dj. Your version is waaaay better. Although I think you have the first track twice. Either way NA was one America's greatest hc bands, and even over 2 decades later still pretty much kick ass. Cheers.

  5. @ aesop:
    waaaay better? not really!

    but you´re right I got LOST CAUSE twice! fuck - I´ll fix that!

  6. Wer hätte das noch gedacht.. :-)
    Habe von der Reunion gar nichts mitbekommen.
    Count Yorga