Thursday, July 17, 2008


the 2nd MALINHEADS 7" released on Berlin´s POGAR rec. in 1986 is not as good as their 1st 7" in my ears! it is somehow way more melodic than I did remember. I always had the 2 7"es filed as quite similar in the music on them in my memory. but to my surprise that´s wrong! their 1st one is way rougher and comes across way more aggressive! came in a big xeroxed sheet of paper with the lyrics on it and the 7" had a big middle hole!!


  1. I thought you had forgotten of this post he he... Would be it a sin.

    Really, this 7'' is not so raw and powerful as the first. Unfortunately, it´s what happens when some bands try to improve the quality of its music.

    Thanx for more this one Pope!!!

    Becks & Sex for everybody!!

  2. Ah Pope, in Wargame post you talked about a 12'' split. Do will you post this one??

  3. sorry Dan, I just said that there is a split 12" (with M.V.D.) but I don´t have that one. rumors say it is more like the 1st 7" but I´ve never heard it myself!

    b.t.w. is there any chance of getting a printed copy of ASHEN in Europe?

  4. Oh man, really i´m so sorry for split 12". And it sound like the first 7"?? Damn!!

    The ASHEN is worldwide available for free man!! Just send me an address for I send it for you!!

    Unfortunately, I don´t could send it as soon cause the brazilian post service is on strike already to 2-3 weeks. There´s some printed copies for send but this strike isn´t helping.

    Send me an address via mail that as when possible I send it for you!!


  5. Use the !

  6. nice one papst been looking forward to this one

  7. The pope wan`t this fucking split 12", he get`s this fucking split 12" if he shares the carnival dancers from brazil with me lol.
    Let`s see if tomorrow is a little bit time left to load this fuck up.
    Count Yorga

  8. What? Have you this split 12" Count Yorga? If you post it here I send extra carnaval dancers for you too hahahahah

  9. Mmm, Malinheads, the band I thank for learning what "Hoax" means , haha (that demonic song appeared on one of the "fucking law/war" Mortarhate comps).
    Thanks for sharing, Benedictus! And the scans are great, too. And thanks Count Yorga for the interesting Malin Heads news...
    @Pope Btw good luck with harddrive troubles...

    Fernando :)