Friday, August 15, 2008


as TOXIC MOLAR who runs the BUDDHA KAHN blog had this one on his wantlist I decided to post it! the CHARLES BRONSON / ICE NINE split 7" was my intoduction to both bands and released on one of my all time fave record labels: BOVINE. the only negative thing one could say about this 7" is that the BOVINE logo is printed on the ICE NINE cover and that shit ruins every cover! is it so difficult to print your logo on the inside? stay tuned for the CHARLES BRONSON / UNANSWERED split 7" soon(er or later)


  1. Yo, Thanks for this! Been looking for it; I have the CB discography, but not all of the Ice Nine Stuff. Sick bands, both.

  2. Can you reupload it if it's possible? This is kind of broken or what, because when I'm trying to open that .rar file there are just C.B. songs, no artwork, not even Ice Nine songs ://

    Anyway, your posts are great! And maybe you could help me with this: I'm looking for artwork of Larm 7" called "Nothing Is Hard In This World If You Dare To Scale The Heights". I've got that vinyl, but I bought it without inlay. If you've got it, can you scan it?

  3. just checked it works fine for me and incl. artwork and the ICE 9 tracks!

    try again and if it doesn't work at all contact me again!