Monday, August 25, 2008


the IRON COLUMNS 2 x 12'' comp. comes in a thick gatefold sleeve and a thick booklet that´s glued to the sleeve. so no scans of the artwork this time! to be honest all I read so far were the lyrics of the bands. the rest of the booklet annoys me right from the start with headlines like "DEAR ANARCHIST BROTHERS AND SISTERS" e.g.! the few things I noticed seem to deal with sexism and mind manipulation which is basically a pretty intersting topic (b.t.w. in correct English shouldn´t it be "WAR AGAINST TERRORISM" instead of "WAR ON TERROR"?) but I ´d to doubt that there is anything you can explain to someone who doesn´t have at least some basic knowledge in that matter with that little info you can provide with such limited space! but as I haven´t read that much I can´t really judge! anyway, take a look on the list of the bands that appear on this compilation if these names are no reason for you to download, probably nothing that I could add would be a reason for you to do so! cause of this I´ll just tell you that MAKHI are better known as SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and that I´ve been told that their tracks from here are included on a SEVERED HEAD OF STATE discography CD where the name MAKHI isn´t even mentioned, that the 3 KRIGSHOT tracks (one being a cover of, you guessed it, MOB 47´s KRIGSHOT) aren´t available anywhere else as far as I know and that the worst band on the comp. is Dutch BOYCOT but that was to be expected! oh, and on my copy the labels were completly messed up!


  1. I have this comp, but the prospect of ripping it was a bit... daunting! I can't thank you enough for uploading it. The amount of talent of this thing is just mind-blowing!

    Oh yeah, I believe Mind Control Records is basically Jack Control of Severed Head of State/ World Burns to Death/Makhi...

    As for the "War on Terror," the Bush admin. must have changed that either because they believed "terrorism" was too big a word for most Americans to digest, or in order to play on our post-911 fears (or both...)

    Thanks again.

  2. Really nice post Pope's, all bands staff are really anarchy compromises.
    downloading now!

  3. @ batguano:

    I don´t think "the Bush admin.... changed that either because they believed "terrorism" was too big a word for most Americans to digest, or in order to play on our post-911 fears"... I think that H. Kissinger was right when he said that "in politics nothing happens by accident!"

    @ krustie:

    glad you like it!

  4. Well, in no way did I imply that The Empire's decision was accidental.

    It seems we both agree with Kissenger (not morally... but still).

  5. did they change it? here in Europe I´ve never heard anything different from WAR ON TERROR!

    but I´ve been told that he said that the french can´t be trusted cause they don´t have a word for Entrepreneur!

    I somehow feel ashamed when I remember that there was a time where I thought that he´s stupid as shit too!

  6. is this The Unseen as in this crappy band?

  7. @ nairb:

    I don't know!

    and to be honest I don't care as they're among the bands I don't like on this comp.!