Monday, August 25, 2008


time for RUINATION once again! this time with their DEAD HORSE 4 song 7" that was released on NO IDEA Records! mine came in clear wax and had blank labels of which one was white and the other was black. the 1st song on this little rager is called HOLY TERROR and is one of the best RUINATION tracks ever and a great example of the strangest thing about them. as you might know the people in RUINATION live in 2 different nations with hundreds of km of distance between them. that´s why they treat their records like projects which means they meet for a weekend, write songs, rehearse them and finally record them. if you´ve just a tiny little bit of knowledge about being in a band you know that this conditions are more or less the opposite of good. now, cause of this the sound on this 7" has it´s weak moments here and there, but somehow they manage that this "weakness" flatters them! they are the only band that has a mix where the guitars have a sound that is more than thin at some points and it sound cool nevertheless!


  1. Yeah, ruination are the real hardcore attitude band, i like very much this e.p., thanks for posting Pope's.
    You know Ebro the Drummers are the same drummer in Los Crudos (chicago latin hardcore band). nice nice nice

  2. @ lo-res viscera:

    in that case I´d say: mission completed!