Monday, August 25, 2008


Joe wrote: "Awesome blog! It's refreshing to find one dedicated to "real" punk. Would you mind posting the DALETH (my "one man" sludge band) tracks from the BLUE SHIFT split on here? Check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks in advance!" even though I couldn´t find anyone who would define "real" PUNK for me and explain to me who gave those who define it the authority to define what "real" PUNK is! since the newest discussion on Mark´s DOWN UNDERGROUND blog, which in parts was the most stupid shit I´ve seen in my blogger career till now! the deathwish e.g. before that 2 thirds of the people commenting proved over and over again that they can neither read nor write a proper sentence but the deathwish was greatest highlighting of stupidity possible and counts as evidence for the theory that we are the missing link between apes and humans! the reason that discussion comes to my mind is that DALETH is a letter in the Hebrew alphabet but also an occult term that means door and an open door symbolizes knowledge (a half open door therefore symbolizes concealed knowledge) and knowledge and/or the ability to think in general wasn´t really present at said discussion (I´m aware of the fact that there wasn´t a dialouge which is the base needed for any discussion I´m just to lazy to write display of stupidity every time!) . back to DALETH: I didn´t know them before and therefore can´t give you much more infos besides that they are on myspace, have a blog of their own where you can d/l more of their music, have some really cool artwork and from their name one could draw the conclusion that they are more on the dark side of things! and their myspace page tells you that: DALETH is the "solo project" from Joe Merrill (Rowdy Towdy, Noah's Apathy, Maniac, Esteem, City of Liars, Centaurus, etc.). Unlike his previous efforts, DALETH explores a dark, revealing cycle throughout every song. Each note, faced by doom, follows an epic adventure. In a sea of drowning talent, DALETH incorporates several unique influences into it's excursion. which sounds like horseshit to me! follows an epic adventure, in a sea of drowning talent,... are there "schools" where one learns to write such crap or is it enough to fuck up your brain with a shitload of acid? I think DALETH is ok music-wise! it´s not really my sound as I´m not into SLUDGE, but it´s nothing I would call bad but that load of horseshit promocrap is more than bad!
MARY SHELLEY OVERDRIVE asked if I´d like to post their new web-only E.P. of coversongs . well, I´m quite sure I said this before: I HATE coversong e.p.s (the only thing even worse are tribute comps.!) with very, very few exceptions! so few they are rarer than good 7" comps.! this one is far from being among the selected few exceptions but I like their artwork (more on their website), they do a cover of the Batman-theme that I like, their version of BLACK FLAG´s WASTED is so bad it somehow gets listenable through how fucked up & shitty it is and they pull of a cover of BLUE OYSTER CULT´s THIS AIN`T THE SUMMER OF LOVE that is actually really cool and the only track on the E.P. that benefits from the low-fi rehearsal room d.i.y. recording! the rest of the songs are covers of DEVO, BO DIDDLEY, THE WHITE STRIPES, ANTI-SEEN and THE VASELINES where I don´t know the originals or, in case I do know the original the coversong does as little for me as the original!

John Von Blast wrote me this: "Hello, Just wanna say thanks for the amount of quality stuff you post on your music blog. It's good to finally have mp3 versions of stuff I only have on vinyl and also the chance to get check out other things. One of my old bands recently set up a myspace account for the purpose of making our complete discography available for free via download. Check it out if you like, and if you do like it feel free to add it to your blog." well, it took me a while till I found the time to out DEADSTARE but as I really liked what I heard I decided to put it on my blog despite the fact 2 other blogs have done the same!


  1. CRUCIFIEDFORYOURSINSAugust 26, 2008 at 8:38 PM

    great blog

    good luck!

  2. Thank you for posting the Daleth stuff. When I said "real punk," I was referring to the fact that you weren't promoting over-produced music abusing what punk really stands for. In no way am I implying that my opinion(s) is/are what punk should be, but after being actively involved in the punk scene for over 15 years, I think I have a pretty good idea of what punk is about. It was a just a compliment!

    As for the "promo" stuff:

    I hate all of that. But people consistently ask me, "what does Daleth sound like?" I don't write any of that stuff myself, those are simply phrases taken from what others have stated. Here is another example:

    "Daleth further develops its trademark lo-fi sludge, a hammering wash of overdriven drums and guitars that lends the texture of speakers squarewaving into rupture. The songs progress confidently, often shifting to angular, atonal, quasi jazz-inflected avant-metal, lilting post-rock hazes, and crescendoing passages of subwoofer-wobbling trudges and stutters. All in all, Daleth produces a sonic tension between exhaustion and mania...."

    Again, this is just stuff that I have to have in order to gain the proper distribution that I need. Whether people agree with it or not. I'm just a dude! I do everything myself (play all instruments, record, mix, design artwork, screen covers / shirts, burn cd's, etc.) DIY. Ya know?

    Anyways, thanks for posting my stuff and checking it out.

    Joe / Daleth

  3. Joe, the "real punk" thing wasn´t mean´t as an attack against you! I took it as compliment as I think our thoughts about "real punk" aren´t that different!

    I just wanted to step on the nerves of some idiots!

    and for the promo stuff... I guessed that it wasn´t you who wrote that, but that doesn´t change my opinion on how it was written or how it comes across to me!

    having played in a band myself I know what a pain in the ass describing your sound is!

  4. I completely understand where you are coming from with the "bio" material. I wish things didn't have to be that way, and in fact, I can remember a time where they didn't. That's long gone now though. =(

    Anyways, keep up the great work. I meant what I said!


  5. thanks joe!

    and indeed I also remember that time. a time where such promo shit would´ve earned you a punch in the mouth if anything!