Friday, August 29, 2008


in my book SCATHA were always among the unique bands. the bands that strayed from the horde and did their own thing. on this 3 track 7" they sound a little bit more generic than on their other releases but I´d still consider this a good 7"! and they managed to put everything that´s to say about "the system" in the 4 lines of FUCK THE SYSTEM - WE DON`T WANT IT! FUCK THE SYSTEM! WE DON`T NEED IT! FUCK THE SYSTEM! WE DON`T LIKE IT! FUCK THE SYSTEM! WE DON`T WANT YOUR FUCKED UP SYSTEM! I´d say they did a good job! b.t.w. the word system comes from a Latin word. the Romans used to call their sewer the system!


  1. hey pope thanx for this. was downloading the "respect..."lp off Old punks never die blog this morning all the whilst thinking how brilliant the song Fuck The System is...wot could be a totally lame-ass generic punk song is...well not a totally lame- ass generic punk yeah thanx man.

  2. I agree 100% on FUCK THE SYSTEM! their 12"es are brilliant too!