Monday, August 25, 2008


this are just the 2 INTEGRITY tracks of their split 7" with PSYWARFARE (which is just another Dwid project). well actually it´s just SARIN that sounds like INTEGRITY are supposed to sound as the 2nd track is to close to what Dwid did with PSYWARFARE and/or LOCKWELD: some sort of noise that just annoys me as the name PSYWARFARE is more than just a fancy name in this case - here it´s more or less an accurate description of the purpose sounds like this are normaly used! came with a warning sticker that says: DO NOT PLAY THIS AT 78 R.P.M. TO HOUSEHOLD PETS AND EPILEPTICS! for me the remaining question is why the fuck would anybody listen to this at any speed? you don´t need to be a genius to figure out what damage can be done to the human mind/body with stuff like this! ok, way back when this was released the internet just started to pop up but today just google or take a look on the pic on PSYWARFARE´s side that might give you a hint! the 2 INTEGRITY tracks also appear on the IN CONTRAST OF EVERY SIN CD that was sold at gigs during one of their Europe tours! around the time when those split 7"es (this and the one with LOCKWELD) were released the demise of INTEGRITY began and the songs on their records that reminded of what a fucking, brilliant band they once were got fewer and fewer on every new release!

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