Friday, August 15, 2008


I´ve re-upped HELLNATION´s AT WAR WITH EMO 5" this time ripped with 320 kbits and scans of the artwork! I´d like to dedicate this to Gabe who runs the NATION ON FIRE blog which he should call NATION OF FINKS instead as that would fit better! read the lyrics to TOO PUNK TOO DRUNK as they´re about people like you!


  1. Nice post Papst, I told Gabe exactly that in one of my many comments, which like yours the spineless little cunt removed. Still, been enjoying the continuing war of words with said MASTER of Pigeon English over at Mark's... No doubt see you again there soon. All the best... :)

  2. I saw Hellnation live a few years ago and sure they are a totally devastating band. Amazing guys.

  3. @ anon
    that´s no war of words that´s a joke! but I guess we´ll see us there anyway!

    @ engrudo
    just saw them on video but as they ripped there I think they rip live even more!

  4. I think that I've managed to inconvenience him a bit so he's got more to occupy his tiny mind rather than shouting the odds at people... If he wants to fuck with me I'll fuck with him. You might be the Pope but I'm God! :)

  5. hmmm warum regst du dich über gabe so auf ? bist du dieser pbtp

    naja ganz davon abgesehn hab ich nix gegen emos hehe :P

  6. @ baba:
    aus irgendeinem grund hab ichs nicht so gern als nazifreund beschimpft zu werden!

  7. thanks pope
    i have nothing against emo's. they have many troubles with trendy kids here,(street fights etc) they have been on tv news or trash shows,a kind of trend..

    god vs pope? i have missed something here...

  8. to be honest: I couldn´t care less about emos but I love the movie Taxi Driver & HELLNATION!

  9. hm gut verständlich.. naja wollt mich da auch net zu doll einmischen nur tut er mir nu leid

    egal kepp it up with your blog hehe

  10. Awesome blog! It's refreshing to find one dedicated to "real" punk.

    Would you mind posting the DALETH (my "one man" sludge band) tracks from the Blue Shift split on here? Check it out and let me know what you think! Here is the link:

    Some other relative links: (myspace)
    (website) (label site)

    Thanks in advance!

    Joe / Daleth

  11. @ baba:

    wieso tut er dir leid? der mann bekommt wonach er verlangt hat!

    leid tun setzt bei mir vorraus, dass jemand sich nicht vorsätzlich in eine unangenehme situation gebracht hat!