Monday, August 25, 2008


if I remember correct then these tracks have been released/reissued by 3 different labels as 10" and 12" (the other 2 labels would be CRUST Rec. who did it as 12" and DOUBLE DECKER. don´t know in which format they did their pressing). mine is the German pressing on ANOMIE Rec. (b.t.w. does anyone know what happened to Uli Glotzbach the guy that did ANOMIE Rec.? rumors say that the last sign from him was that he was working in a factory that put fish in cans... the ultimate horror job!) that was on blue wax. DEVOID OF FAITH usually are described as old school HARDCORE. well, Brian from INSIDE FRONT has a better description. he said that listening to DEVOID OF FAITH feels like: "being run over by a locomotive while the guy in the drivers seat shouts profanity at you!" I think that this description fits pretty well! I´d prefer the 10 tracks here (9 tracks of their own and a cover of RAW POWER´s STATE OPPRESSION) to their stuff on the 12" they shared with U.K.´s boygroup #1 - VOORHEES. and in case you don´t know already, let me tell you that DEVOID OF FAITH´s Nate is the Nate who runs GLOOM Rec. and he is also the Nate who does the great TRUE PUNK AND METAL blog!


  1. Hmmm das waren noch Zeiten: Anomie Records... War ein sehr schönes Label / Mailorder. da hat man gern die eine oder andere Mark ausgegeben. Hallo Herr Glotzbach. Wäre wirklich schade wenn er in einer Fischfabrik enden würde. Wahrscheinlich hat er das Label nur als Hobby betrieben. Leben konnte man davon bestimmt nicht.
    Per Koro Mailorder war auch mein Stammversand, damals noch mit viel Second Hand Sachen. Leute, dort könnt ihr immer noch kaufen !
    G7 Records / Mailorder war auch ganz cool !