Thursday, October 30, 2008


nearly exact 10 years ago my old band toured with DROPDEAD in Germany, France and the Netherlands. it was our 1st tour and to do it with DROPDEAD was more than anyone of us ever expected and truth be told it was just pure luck in the 1st place that helped us to end up on that tour. we didn't have the intention to go on tour all I did was offering Ralph and Bernd from SCORCHERED EARTH POLICY / STACK to help them out with the tour by putting up 2 shows for DROPDEAD and it ended in they asking us if we wouldn't like to go on tour with DROPDEAD. I guess we were all very excited! hahaha! and as Devon, Bob, Brian and Ben turned out to be some of the coolest people I'd ever meet in the whole HARDCORE scene it wasn't really a question if I'd go and see them now! the 1st show was 29/10/2008 at the famous Köpi in Berlin. we started our trip a around 4 in the afternoon and arrived in Berlin 5 hours later. on the way we bought some EROTIK BEER and really what better start in a cool evening could there be? after meeting some friends we went to Köpi which was pretty crowded. I catched DROPDEAD while they were eating and they all started to laugh when they saw me as they had just talked about me a short time before cause of some shit that happened in Amsterdam 10 years ago. we talked alittle bit and Brian told me that some of his drumgear didn't come with them cause the airline had decided to send it elsewhere and that Vienna's RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA which would bring the bassbox with them, were late cause they had been pulled over by the cops which decided to search their van while on the way to Berlin! yeah, welcome to Bavaria! finaly the Austrians arrived and entered the stage at once! cause of that the sound was a little bit thin during the first songs but got better during their set. in case you don't know yet: 2 of them are from South America and so their CRUDOS-styled HARDCORE comes with spanish lyrics, done by a woman, alsio! they played a good set and if you haven't heard their split 12" with SOLID DECLINE yet I suggest you give it a try!

here are some pics of RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA from the Köpi show! fast, furious and pissed as hell! in my ears they're at the moment Austria's best band!
and here're some DROPDEAD pics taken at, you guessed it, Köpi! after all this years they didn't loose just a little bit of their anger! it seems like they're more enraged now then ever before! as they couldn't do a proper soundcheck they also had a thin sound during their first songs and Bob had problems with his mic (fucking feedback) during their whole set. when they were here in 1998 they couldn't more than 2 songs that were from the 1st 7" and the split 5" with CROSSED OUT cause Devon was new on bass and didn't know more. this time they played songs from all their releases and some new songs that didn't make it on vinyl yet! an awesome show that would have been brilliant without the sound-problems!