Monday, October 6, 2008


everybody who's heard VOORHEES 2nd 12" called 13 will agree that it is terrible! I never thought about posting it but as I found rips of the re-issues of 13 and SPILLING BLOOD WITHOUT REASON that had some bonustracks I changed my mind! these are not my rips! I just re-upped the rips I found! download this for the bonustracks!


  1. I dont think I am totally alone in liking this record. When the next voorhees lp on six weeks, crystal lake legacy, came out I talked to athena from six weeks and we both thought 13 was better, or at least more interesting.

  2. honestly, you're the 1st person I meet who likes that record! you're also the 1st who knows another person who likes that record!

  3. wow pope your dislike of this record is fascinating to me! Cant say this is one of my fav bands (i do like some songs)but i am definitely gonna d/l this to see wot its like :)

  4. it actually is one of my fave bands that's why it's so hard to understand they made such a crap record!
    and I'm not the only one with that opinion - I posted their 1st 12" some time ago and various people besides me said that this record sucks!
    that I found in miles someone who likes it is what I find fascinating! hahaha

  5. I was morbidly drawn to listen to "13" for the first time. You know, it might be an alright record if it was recorded right. The drums sound a little mechanical and the vocals-guy sounds like he's shouting into an empty beer can.

    Thanks for those bonus tracks!

  6. Reasons this record is BAD!
    1. It was written by Arms, his previous band was a straight edge metal band, he came into Voorhees claiming he wanted to turn the band into a cross between Spazz, Integrity and Black Sabbath.
    2. It was recorded in a 1990's - state of the art - all digital studio. The mixing was done while the band wasn't there and after three re-mixes it became obvious that it was never going to sound good.
    3. Half of the band didn't like the songs anyway and the others didn't care, except for Arms who kept saying it would sound better when it was finished.
    4. The lyrics written by Arms are too abstract and make no sense.