Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I had posted UNKNOWN H.C. DRUNKERS VOL. 1 a while ago now here's the follow up with the 2nd part. the bands featured on this one are: BAD TASTE, BEYOND DESCRIPTION, C.O.S.A., HEIDEGGER, HELLCHILD, NOISE DISTRACTION, OUCH, OVER DOSE, STRESS, THE SEMETARY and one more that has it's name just printed in Japanese kanjis. maybe someone can tell me what their name means in English? if I understood the idea behind this comps. then the idea was to give bands that haven't released more than a demo the posibility to get heard. so that should be the 1st vinyl apperance of all that bands. while HELLCHILD already bore me in the begining the stand-outs are HEIDEGGER and THE SEMETARY!


  1. Thanks your holiness ;) I don't know where my copy of this has disappeared to, so it'll be good to hear it again. I also posted the first volume on my old blog and I received a comment from a Japanese viewer who said that the band who recorded "Drat That Noise" were actually called BENI-TUBAKI. All the best...

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