Wednesday, October 1, 2008


as I didn´t post anything from Nippon for quite a while and as I had already ripped this 7" I thought I should do a quick post before I continue listening to my new records. released on Germany's YELLOW DOG REC. NK6's YELLOW BEAUTY 7" offers you 5 songs of fast and pissed off HARDCORE. comes in urine yellow vinyl color that fits the title of the 7" perfect!


  1. This band is sick! I've got their split with Dudman and their self titled 7".

    Also, thanks for posting the Dropdead LP! A fucking ripper!

  2. war ein bißchen enttäuscht von der 7".keine gitarre,fast nur bass.hört sich echt nicht gut an finde ich.
    die tour split mit dudman ist schon geiler.

  3. @ toxic molar:

    but the sound on this one isn't that great.

    DROPDEAD are great!

    @ chris:

    da hast du leider recht! der sound is nicht so doll und die DUDMAN split is geiler!