Sunday, October 19, 2008


my girlfriend hates (most) of the music I love and she'd prefer I wouldn't waste my time on blogging but she probably loves Rob and Chris and their MOSH EISLEY blog! why? cause when Chris wrote me that NEGATIVE APPROACH weren't that amazing live I decided I wouldn't go and see them and instead spend the evening with her. and since she saw Rob's post on renovating his flat guess whom she uses as an example that renovating is PUNK AS FUCK? I don't need to tell you that the fact that Rob own's the flat he's renovated and I just rented mine doesn't count? to make a long story short I've been finally "persuaded" to renovate my flat a little bit as if I wouldn't have enough to do at work, etc... b.t.w. you may laugh now but that also means the re-ups may take a little longer and that I can't get to all my zines at the moment! (@ Chris: I haven't found INSIDE FRONT # 10 yet, but I'll continue looking for it!)
above you see a pic of my little "helper" Chabo, who enjoys my attempts probably even more than my girlfriend!
one thing I did in spite of all the shit I should've done was driving to Munich yesterday where STAGNATION'S END played a re-union show on Oise's birthday party as you can see on the pics! even though the party was a little bit depressing I enjoyed watching STAGNATION'S END once again after years! I also videotaped a part of the show, which might end up on my other blog when I'm done with working!

I should add that all the boys were running around in suit and tie and all the girls were running around in fancy dresses except the STAGNATION'S END singer (ACME windbreaker jacket) and me (camouflage trousers) as we didn't notice that there was a dresscode!


  1. My girlfriend owns one album and it is by Fleetwood Mac. I feel your pain.

  2. uhh, Fleetwood Mac... then I've had more luck than you as my girlfriend also listens to some music I enjoy too!

  3. Haha,yep...I'm in the same boat.
    Mine likes 70's rock and only from the radio.Ugghh
    The same crap,over and over.

    Renovation...While the results can be great the process sucks.
    At least your handy!

  4. yup, once in a while the years I spent working in the construction business (1st as carpenter and then as painter) are really helpful!

    as handy is the "german" word for cellphone I'm always confused when the word comes up in it's english meaning!

  5. oh Pope, you are in real trouble man.. :(
    Renovation is not punk!!!! lol
    Chabo rules!

  6. Mat, you and I are in the same boat. It looks as if we might be moving to the renorvation project of the century, bank crisis permitting. But the only good thing about this is that when you are working you are allowed to listen to whatever music you want. I am thinking I'll be able to finally listen to the Exithippies cassette, stripping old paint off old walls etc heh.

  7. @ Billy:

    yeah, Chabo is cool!

    @ Slobo:

    in theory that's right! but as my stereo is in another room it doesn't work!

  8. whenever i would listen to music there were always "things that needed to be done" in some other room of the house.or it was "time for me to go".

  9. Man, I feel your pain, too! All of Saturday & Sunday I was stripping wallpaper, but at least I was listening to some crucial stuff like Death Side, Gauze, Systematic Death. My girlfriend is into R&B/commercial hip hop. Damn!

  10. @ billias:

    damn, sounds painfully familiar!

    @ adamski:

    I borrowed a casetterecorder from my brother so when I continue something like those bands will come out through the speakers too!

  11. hello, i was hoping you would put a link for my blog on your page, my link is
    if not thats cool, thanks anyways and awesome blog!

  12. Mosh Eisley = Frauenversteher-Blog!

  13. also das kann man so jetzt auch nicht sagen!

  14. Wir machen den Blog ja auch eigentlich nur um Ladies kennenzulernen!

  15. aha aha aha, und funktionierts? wie is die quote?

  16. Haha, Renovieren ist die beschissenste Arbeit die es gibt. Wenigstens bin ich eine absolute Null auf diesem Gebiet ;-). Ich streiche meine Wände nur wenn ich ausziehen, das war bis jetzt 2 Mal der Fall. Ans Tapezieren denke ich erst gar nicht !! Die fleckigen Malerergebnisse waren schlimm genug. Beim letzten Auszug hatte ich nur die Uniform Choice Disco CD dabei. Den ganzen Tag UC.....
    Zu allem Unglück hatte ich billige Baumarktfolie verwendet und das ganze Laminat war versaut. Meine Frau hat am nächsten Tag nur geflucht und das Laminat gescheuert. Sie hört übrigens nur Radiomusik und hasst alle Platten die ich liebe. Da bist Du ja noch gut dran....

  17. Papst Benedikt XVI said...
    aha aha aha, und funktionierts? wie is die quote?

    --> wie erwartet tendiert diese gegen 0 höhö.

    Count Yorga said...
    Beim letzten Auszug hatte ich nur die Uniform Choice Disco CD dabei. Den ganzen Tag UC.....

    --> na dann hatteste wenigstens die pma dabei ;)

  18. Übrigens haben wir auch in sachen Katzen den selben geschmack:

  19. netter pelzträger, rob! allerdings hab ich mir meinen nicht ausgesucht sondern er hat enschieden bei mir wohnen bleiben zu wollen!