Sunday, October 12, 2008


I stumbled over SATANIC THREAT's IN TO HELL 7" at Stig's MAD BLASTS OF CHAOS blog and loved it as soon as I saw the cover and even more after I heard the music! Stig described it as "satanic MINOR THREAT worship by members of NUNSLAUGHTER and MIDNIGHT." and he said that "basically it's straight up 80's HARDCORE with satanic lyrics." take a look at the song titles they might give you a hint that Stig is perfectly right with his description. anyway, as this 7" is so fucking brilliant and it's sold now as far as I know, I decided to post it again! it was one of the most expensive 7"es I bought new as it features sheer incredible artwork which I've scanned for you!


  1. I'm glad you posted this, 'cause I neglected to download it the first time. The concept is hilarious, and the music rages!

    As far as Skrupel goes, they're awesome too. But that wasn't the name of their 12"... it was just the retarded title I gave to the post ON the 12"!

    Thanks again to you and the Count for the demo trax!

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  3. I LOVE this! Brilliant - thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey pope's here a few reviewe from you blog:

    el Krustie!

  5. @ batguano:

    you're right, their 12" is called GYROSCAN T5-11 (and has a song that's called I'M A POPE b.t.w.) don't know why that title poped up in my brain! I'm not really convinced I got it from your blog - at least I can't remember that I've seen it there (which at the moment doesn't say anything as I did all the last posts being so tired from work that I could hardly remember my own name! hahaha)

    @ rick dog:

    thanks a lot! I'll also add you to my links!

    @ irish dave:

    at your service! I assume this is one of the records one can either love or hate but there's nothing in between!

    @ krustie:

    thanks, for showing me! in the meantime I found someone (thanks rodrigo) who translated it for me! fuck, one day I should learn spanish!

    @ jobeee:

    I agree 100%!

  6. *outlast reminder*
    (wenn die zeit da ist).

  7. bringing satan closer to the kids!