Friday, October 31, 2008


after arriving at Hamburg mainstation I went to the world's probably most famous red-light district: Hamburg's very own Reeperbahn. when you leave the subway you'll find pretty neat signs like the one below. as Germany has pretty restrictive gun-laws I can't help myself but I find that sign very entertaining!
DROPDEAD played at the VoKü which is in the basement of one of the world famous formerly squatted houses in the Hafenstrasse. it's a pretty small place (they don't even have a stage) and so DROPDEAD played 2 shows that evening so that everybody could see them! thanks to the bastard of a cabdriver who's responsible that I missed the train I wanted to take I just arrived 20 min before DROPDEAD started their 2nd show! I missed RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA as I prefered to talk to MOSH EISLEY's Robi Wan outside the VoKü. again the place was really crowded (a little bit to crowded for my taste) and it didn't take long to figure out that there were a lot of idiots in the crowd! as soon as DROPDEAD started with their 1st song those idiots started to hit people while pretending to mosh (one of them was behind me at the entrance and was arguing with the people cause he didn't want to pay)! when Bob said they would stop playing the situation calmed down a little bit but it didn't make them idiot's stop completely! the sound wasn't that good either. it was thin and Bob's mic refused to do it's job properly! one could see that DROPDEAD were really annoyed by the idiots in the crowd! in spite of the idiots and the shitty sound they blasted themselves through a solid set spanning their complete career that was great to watch! ask Rob how the 1st show was!


  1. This site is exelent
    I've added your link ;)

  2. 1st show was very cool! No anoying idiots in there. The crowd went bezerk and everthing was fine. There were even stagedives. Without the stage though, hahaha.

  3. Looks well good, cheers - more posts like this!

  4. thanks slobo!

    more posts like this... hmmm, but that would mean more travelling for me.....

  5. HA HA HA. Yes but you travel a lot automatically for work don't you? So if there's any nu-metal or emo concerts along the way you know what to do!

  6. yup, if there are any nu-metal or emo concerts I know what to do: avoid them like the plague!

    as any sane person would do I might add!