Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I just bought DISRUPT's split 7" with DISDAIN a few weeks ago cause I could get it cheap otherwise I wouldn't have bought it as DISDAIN were the weakest band on the PROTOTYPE compilation and do nothing for me (besides boring me to death) here either and the 4 DISRUPT tracks are featured on that sweet DISRUPT box-set released by RELAPSE a little while ago and on most of their other "discography" CDs that one could buy. actually I never bought one cause every single one of them I've seen before that sweet & neat box (which is called DISRUPT/DEAD b.t.w.) was released sucked in my opinion! I decided to post it even if I think this isn't DISRUPT's best stuff and that DISDAIN suck cause normally you won't be able to find it as cheap as I did and you might regret your purchase if you haven't heard it before. so in case you want to spend some bucks on this 7" better check it out before by clicking on either of the covers!

and talking of that box... it was released by RELAPSE and as I already told you it's called DISRUPT / DEAD and as you can see on the pic above that box (made of solid thick cardboard) contains 3 CDs with all 108 songs DISRUPT recorded (among are some unreleased live- and demotracks), a glossy thick lyric booklet and a DVD with 4 complete live sets. the only thing I don't like about this box, besides that it's not available on vinyl, is the price. I don't know how expensive it's sold in the U.S. but over here you've to pay more than 30 € and that's fucking expensive if you take a look at todays CD manufacturing prices!


  1. I have so many DISRUPT vinyl releases but I don´t even know why...
    Just not my band.

  2. das boxset (ist limitiert auf 1000 stück)gibt es bei relapse für 40 dollar..ist recht teuer aber ich finde es schon sehr gelungen...

    grüsse jack lucifer

  3. Agreed, Pabst!

    I do think they were a bit overrated..especially after 108 songs!?!?!

    No offense meant to those guys..!

  4. I tried to download, but mediafire says that it is set to private?? Not sure the problem.

  5. Pope, mediafire says the same "it is set to private etc".
    the guy from trouble on your system (the Vae Victis incident) posted the box set and soon its was deleted (btw, the crust blog i told you, posted another o.o.s(out of slsk) 7" and when i told them their answer convinced that the people are mindless assholes.
    Slobbo has written a nice piece of rant tearing down some part of Disrupt "fame":

  6. changed! thanks for the hints guys!

    about DISRUPT: I think all they did on 12" was great but a lot of stuff they did on 7" was just boring or weak! plain simple! while the 4 tracks on this 7" aren't exactly brilliant they've released worse.

    I also like the box - even though I won't ever listen to all 108 songs in a row and I think it's too expensive!