Saturday, May 2, 2009


when I thought about what to post as 1st record after the break cause of my best friend's death I finally settled on the REST IN PIECES' MY RAGE CD. this CD was released on the infamous Germany based LOST & FOUND RECORDS and features REST IN PIECES' self-titled 1st 7" and obviously their MY RAGE 12". 15 tracks of great raw N.Y.H.C. that stands the test of time and still kicks ass! the guy handling the vocal duties here is called Armand Majidi who went later on to play drums in another great N.Y.H.C. band called SICK OF IT ALL while speaking of SICK OF IT ALL - Lou Koller & Craig Setari take care of the backing vocals. as there are various other re-issues of the same songs available I'd recommend you look for one of the none LOST & FOUND RECORDS related ones or just d/l the rip here!


  1. killer band/record, not-killer lable.

    i'm sorry about your friend, dude...