Wednesday, May 6, 2009


one of the million INFEST bootlegs that are around today would be the NOT OVER YET 7". it delivers 6 tracks and the FLEX site is happy to tell you this:"More early demo tracks, sound quality is above average (still not very good). Sounds like these songs are even older than those on the other bootleg, not as powerful and compact as the other demo, good hardcore but quite garage-y." well, still not very good is slightly understated in some cases here and as this are demo recordings INFEST are far from being as tight and as brutal as they'd be later in their career but as it's INFEST you should d/l it by clicking the pic below. b.t.w. the 7" has white labels the INFEST logo was put there by me.


  1. Thanks for the post. It seems interesting.

  2. thanx for your work.
    i´m looking for
    mine - s/t 7" EP

  3. Lets see if there`s a little time left I`ll rip the Mine EP ;).
    Still looking for the Armicide Demo (Pre-Mine)..
    Could anybody help ?

  4. sounds fuckin´great!
    unfortunetly dont´t have the armicide demo..

  5. I have both, the Mine 7" and the Armicide Demo tape...

  6. Die 7" ist schon unterwegs und wartet nur noch auf`s posten.
    Ein Rip vom Armicide Demo wäre der Hammer !!
    Ich suche das Teil schon seit Ewigkeiten.

  7. Nehme ich das nächste mal mit zum Dead_Chris. Ich selber kann keine Tapes digitalisieren...

  8. Da freue ich mich schon :D.
    Hast Du zufällig auch das "Death Over Mülheim" Tape von den 7 Inch Boots ? Das Teil steht auch ganz oben auf meiner Suchliste.

  9. i love the sound of guitar on this! and the instrumentals are just fantastic. so are other songs that didn't show up on later releases. i think you may have flipped sides while ripping. and maybe the bootlegger fucked up assembling the songs. i believe that actual order of the tracks is: 1. the end
    2. dirty dope dealer
    3. son of the sun
    4. sick of talk
    5. life's halt/going

  10. hm, I'll have to check that. but as I recorded the whole sides and then cut them again you're right - I might have switched the sides! thanks!

  11. I have that ep, and i remember the sound not being too great, but i LOVE the Infest '87 demo. Some of my favorite material they ever did is on that... Snooze U Loose, Dirty Dope Dealer, Son of the Sun. One of the best demos ever. If you need the entire 25 track demo, let me know.