Friday, May 15, 2009


there was the EVOLVED TO OBLITERATION / NO LE$$ split 7". as that was 625 THRASHCORE # 1 I perhaps should have started the ongoing one week of THRASH with this 7". anyway, in the discography section of the 625 website Max tells you: "The very first 625 release. Although I put out releases before this (976/Plutocracy split EP, etc), this was the first release as a label. The whole idea behind this was to document the explosion of brutal hardcore from the local West Bay scene. This split took tracks from both the ETO and NO LESS demos. I only made about 700 (because I was low on cash) but I think the original purpose worked. People heard these bands, and some people liked em enough to ask em to do future projects." well, while I think that EVOLVED TO OBLITERATION are quite cool NO LE$$ don't do anything for me! as their tracks are linked with samples and whatnot, that can't prevent that they really fucking bore me, I left it that way (meaning their side is one track). in my opinion just the 6 EVOLVED TO OBLITERATION tracks are worth a listen but download and decide for yourself!


  1. Hey, thanks for this piece of history. I was only familiar with these bands through (a) comp appearance(s), so I appreciate finally hearing more.

  2. honestly speaking in case of NO LE$$ it would have been no loss for you if you wouldn't have heared more...

  3. Dude your blog spot fucking rules. Thanks for posting up so much great powerviolence/grindcore. This ETO/No Less split destroyed everything at the time.

    Just a little history. The cover for No Le$$ was Humberto's '64 Impala with his nephew on it holding the 40oz. It was shot in his car port. LOL! Big Ups to all Redwood City Grind Core. Plutocracy, Immortal Fate, No Le$$, Spazz, Sirota, Kalmex and the Riff Merchants, Alta Mira, Go Like This and Verlaten. Redwood City! Climate Best By Government Test.

    Kurlee Dank Daddee 2DS PDM RWC 650

  4. @ Curlee Daddee:

    at your service! thanks for your comment and the little history lesson!