Tuesday, May 19, 2009


the 625 THRASHCORE special is coming near it's end. the 2nd to last record to be posted in it is the LORDS OF LIGHT 7". 8 tracks of UFC and wrestling influenced spastic HARDCORE. I don't know why but I somehow always thought they'd be from Nippon until I recently realized they're from Portland, Or. which is home to some of the best HARDCORE bands to ever come out of the U.S.!


  1. Don't forget the Entropy 7" I released in conjuntion with 625, you have the scans and mp3's already!

    Awesome posts of course, keep it up!
    -Rick (figure four recs)

  2. http://rapidshare.com/files/236355121/ambush_-_a_ocean_of_irrelevance_ep__winter__1992_.rar
    still looking for HUNGER, USE YOUR STRENGHT and MAYA "slow escape".

  3. the Count already delivered the HUNGER EP.!

    ENTROPY will be part of the FIG.4 special!

  4. Thanks for the Amush EP links ! I didn`t bought the 7"s back in the days and now i regret it.
    The Hunger EP is ready and will be posted soon.
    The Use Your Strength Tape Rip was not very satisfying ! An old friend of mine owns this LP.
    We meet not very often.Last time was autumn 2008 hehe.
    Maybe I`ll visit him next week and I´ll make another clean copy !
    Btw I have the Use Your Strength 7" too.

  5. Hey! I did the cover for this! Awesome!