Saturday, May 2, 2009


if you think you can d/l the BURNED OUT discography here I'm not sorry to tell you that you can't! if you don't have the BURNED OUT 7", their split 12" with AMEN 81 and their demo quit reading this and buy this 12" cause it fucking rips! in case you have all those records let me tell you that there are just 7 tracks on that 12" that you haven't heard before and so I ripped those 7 tracks cause having to buy a 12" for just 7 short tracks isn't really value for money!


  1. Coole Sache ! Dankeschön ! Viel Bands (die die Welt nicht braucht) existieren ewig. Von den Jungs hätte ich mir noch mehr gewünscht....

  2. Cheers for these...they're fükkin sick....

  3. da hast du recht Count!

    yup, they are sick! buy that discography - it's worth it in case you haven't the records and the demo!